Greening Projects is unique in that we provide support from the earliest conceptual stages, in other words at the time a community leader or group identifies an opportunity to create a green and sustainable space, and continue our support until the project is finalized. We can provide this assistance because we have the technical, design, managerial and permit processing expertise within our agency.

Feasibility Analyses: all greening projects start with someone’s vision of what the outcome might look like. Therefore, we assess that vision and determine what is required to make it a reality. This process includes:

  • a technical/engineering analysis for constructability
  • recommending funding options
  • preparing a project plan, as needed
  • Our feasibility analyses will also provide the information required for grant application submittals.

Grant Preparation: our staff has extensive experience in proposal and grant application preparation. Therefore, we can prepare the grant on your behalf and/or provide as much support as you need to prepare the grant package. Our expertise is invaluable in developing:

  • Scope of the project (narrative), including engineering design description and sketches if needed
  • Project Budget
  • Project Schedule
  • Maintenance plan
  • Permitting process

Consulting: once the project is green lit, we will provide ongoing support in the following areas in order to select and hire the appropriate professionals. Our consulting services include the following technical, design, and procedural areas:

  • Topographic analysis of the site
  • Civil engineering
  • Landscape design
  • Public agency permitting (Department of Public Works, Planning, etc.)
  • Construction Administration

Project Management: in addition to assisting and/or preparing a project plan to achieve project success, we can also provide assistance in the following managerial tasks:

  • Scope, budget and schedule monitoring and control
  • Resource Management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Stakeholder engagement and expectations management
  • Procurement management

Education: because we are passionate about our work, we want to expand our outreach, as well as help train current and future greening project stewards. To that end, we have developed a comprehensive training program related to “greening projects,” which includes the following:

  • How to identify potential greening sites, including their feasibility from a design and financial standpoint, as well as their constructability
  • Grant preparation
  • Project management for greening projects
  • Permitting process with respect to local, state and federal guidelines


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