Ogden Avenue Gardens is a project currently under design. The objective of the initial project is to transform the unaccepted street section between Folsom and Gates Streets into a neighborhood garden/park, which will provide a neighborhood green space and a playground for the adjacent daycare center. The rain gardens will be located at both ends of the block (intersections at Ogden/Folsom and Ogden/Gates). They will provide additional landscaping and a way to capture and filter stormwater runoff and then allow it to replenish the groundwater. Our work has consisted of evaluating the watershed dimensions, sizing the rain garden, calculating the amount of stormwater captured, and sizing the rain garden. Additionally, we have calculated the amount of stormwater from the adjacent homes’ roofs, which we can channel and store into cisterns as part of a rainwater harvesting program, and design park paths using absorbent materials that will also capture rainwater through the porous pavement, for example.

Ogden Avenue Gardens - Bernal Heights

Ogden Avenue Gardens – Bernal Heights

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