January 25 and 26, 2024: Sandis surveyed the site to develop boundary and topographic plans, which should be available in CAD format by mid-February. At that point, Terrain Studio will start its preliminary landscape design.

César Chávez Greenway - Before and After

César Chávez Greenway – Before and After

Located at the southwest corner of César Chávez Street and Highway 101, this 0.25-acre vacant lot is the only property left on this corridor where its namesake can be honored. Additionally, the site will provide much-needed green space in this part of the city and a way station on a heavily trafficked bike route. Although the design is still conceptual, the way station will contain bike racks and benches for convening and resting, along with a designated area to celebrate César Chavez’s life and legacy. Our work includes a site feasibility analysis, outreach, and grant application preparation.

César Chávez Greenway

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