About Us


We are dedicated professionals who provide consulting and other support services to create green, sustainable spaces within our urban environment. Our clients include community groups, as well as individuals, who wish to improve their neighborhoods and cities by enhancing the environment and engaging their communities. We assist them by providing professional services, such as planning, development, design, project and construction management.


To create the as much green space within our urban environments.




Michael P. Doherty, PMI-ACP

Dawn Saboe

Em Rhodenbaugh


Jorge Romero-Lozano, PE, LEED AP, PMP is the Executive Director and Founder of Greening Projects. As a licensed civil engineer with a passion for planning, designing and building green spaces, he provides both the technical expertise, as well as the passion, to envision potential green paces, as well as support neighborhoods, individuals, and other professionals who wish to improve their environments and engage their communities.

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